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About the course

The main goal of the course is to teach the student to communicate fluently in a foreign Russian language. This course is designed to practice all communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

A special emphasis in teaching is placed on modeling everyday situations and practice learnt vocabulary, which is introduced along with basic grammar rules. The course is divided into blocks, each of which corresponds to a certain level of language proficiency.

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Roza has more than 14 years of experience in teaching foreign students. She worked with students from China, Korea, America, England, Spain, Italy, Japan, Afghanistan, Jordan, India, Turkey, Iran.


Russian specialists have developed a six-level scale of Russian language proficiency

Elementary level (A1)

Basic level (A2)

The first certification level (B1)

Second certification (intermediate) level (B2)

Third certification (advanced) level (C1)

Fourth certification (suprathreshold) level (C2)

Course Prices
There are classes in Russian language as a foreign language in both group classes and private classes:
Private classes:
5000 t - 90 minutes
4000 t - 60 minutes
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Group classes:
3 times a month (12 classes)
for 90 minutes - 36 000 t
3 times a month (12 classes)
for 60 minutes - 30 000 t

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